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15kg weight

I lost 15KG in 10 weeks

The next question I get is “How?”

I stopped eating...

I stopped eating junk and carbs.

Listen to Part I of the podcast on Jem & Donnys Short Sharp and Fit Podcast below - How I lost 15KG in 10 weeks - Part I.


Part II below.

OK, let's roll back. I was about 6kgs overweight to start. TV dinners, low portion control, snacking, treats with the kids, and ordering in. It doesn’t just happen, it’s a slippery slope.

It all made it harder to get up off the couch, harder to climb stairs, new shirts required, new pants needed. It starts to get ugly.

Losing weight means focus and discipline.

You can’t outrun, or out-exercise poor nutrition.

No matter what the latest app or gym says. You need to eat right.

I didn’t stop drinking, but I changed what I drank. I changed what I ate, and I reduced what I ate. I used protein to maintain my body and muscles, and I exercised.

What was I doing to get to this stage?

Nothing really...

Pretending to intermittent fast and doing a bad job. Intermittent fasting with more intermittent eating. Not enough sleep, too much work stress, too much Netflix, Stan & Binge, watching a movie nearly every night, eating junk with the kids while watching. Basically, an unhealthy downward spiral.

I was exercising and am a triathlete (sort of), but all the exercise really did was slow the weight gain and make me eat more. Running got harder and slower as I got heavier. Cycling was fine if there were no hills. Swimming was fine, just didn’t want to be seen my speedo. Cycling 2-3 times and week, swimming and running at least once a week, and was still adding 1kg to 1,5kg per week.

And so, it got worse. Ultimately you cannot outrun bad nutrition. The coming Monday was always the day I was going to fix it, with a new plan that never ever eventuated.

What did I do?

Eventually, I ran out of excuses. There is no good time or right time, like the Nike slogan, you just have to do it!

I decided I was better than my current self, I wanted to live longer, take my shirt off at the beach, and have some fun along the way.

Listen to the story on Jem & Donnys Short Sharp and Fit Podcast below - How I lost 15KG in 10 weeks - Part II



  1. I got a new running program and running partner. I did something completely different from the running I was doing. The new focused running program helped bring accountability as did my running partner, in between a lot of brisk walks of 5km+ and some weight training. I started to shed weight, and fast. You can hear more about this journey and my running efforts in our weekly health podcast series called Jem & Donny Short, Sharp & Fit.
  2. I stopped eating. I can hear the cries already from those in the health profession as to never, ever do this. But I did. I stopped eating junk. I avoided carbs and reduced my portion sizes, drastically. It became a mindset. When temptation cross my path I went to a mental picture of me, slim and on the beach the coming holiday.
  3. I used our Old Bull protein, and T&I Formula mixed together first thing in the morning as a meal replacement to ensure I got enough protein after running or weight training, as well as the relevant vitamins and minerals, my body needed. Then again at night, just protein, to avoid muscle decay due to my reduced meals. portions and intake. This meal alternative meant low carbs and no sugar, helping with my weight loss. Also helps suppress appetite.
  4. stopped snacking. I found avoiding snacks altogether was easier than having a single piece and hoping to stop. read that again! Just don't start. It requires less willpower.
  5. I started drinking green juices, fresh ones. Yes, the ones with celery and Kale and very little fruit. Most of them are foul, but they pack a lot of nutrients and are low in sugar. Had these as a breakfast on family and other outings. Many do have mint and green apple which helps. If they taste good, they probably are not that good for you. Drink it slowly and it will fill you up. Do NOT buy anything in a bottle, most of them have more sugar than your average Coke.
  6. When I went out for a meal, I chose a small vegetarian starter as a main meal. Helps avoid carbs and fats, and I found very tasty on most occasions.
  7. I stopped obsessing over food, what you can and cannot eat. Drop the muffin with coffee, don’t order the chips, leave the toast, don’t eat the skin and most of all fill up on the veggies. They are not as bland as you think when you set your mind to them.
  8. I avoided the TV which for me drives snacking, go to your bedroom, work, read, study, sit at your desk, drink herbal tea. Just avoid the fridge and mindless eating.

Yes, even at the pub. Amazing how much shitty red wine is out there, but you learn every day. Turns out red wine is not as bad as you think it may be for your health. 

My final trick was a veggie soup to combat hunger. A mix of vegetables (no potatoes), 2 stock cubes, garlic, chili flakes, and salt and pepper for flavour, boiled until soft and liquified with a Bamix. Easy. Reheat in the microwave or drink cold when you get hungry.


From spectacles to testicles

The Benefits. Read these Over and Over.

  • I have 15kg’s less pressure on my knees when I run
  • My knees and hips are going to last longer, and I can hopefully avoid mobility issues or a knee replacement later in life.
  • I look much, much better naked. Small sample of people to comment but consistent feedback.
  • I feel more confident, I take my shirt off, I swim without a rash vest.
  • I have more energy, much more. Even with the lower food intake.
  • There is less bitching from the kids about their lollies being stolen.
  • I don’t wake up feeling average, aching, stiff, and have difficulty walking to the loo.
  • All my exercise is much easier.
  • I just feel better, clothes fit. It’s great.
  • Because the weight came off quickly, I stayed motivated.

My waist circumference (better measure than BMI, read more here) dropped from 114 cm to 98cm at the time of writing and ideally should be 96cm.

My body looks fundamentally different already. When it comes to body fat, high-end athletes would have 8-12%, while an average healthy fit male would be in the range of 18-20%. Before you start arguing, this is a guideline. I started this journey with 31% body fat. I third of my body was fat. I am now at 22%. Still some work to do.

This thin business is however not always easy.

Every time I look around there is a flat white, a muffin, a bar of chocolate, a beer opportunity, hot chips, or some other unhealthy drink or snack trying to seduce me. I did keep the flat white coffees going. I have learned to love salads and to talk more than I eat at family dinners. Keep your jaw busy. Just not eating.

I have also made peace with leaving food on my plate when I am full. I try to enjoy the flavours, taste the food and the experience rather than get through it and then want more before my brain has caught up to my tummy.

Did I say I feel great, and I want to keep on feeling this great, getting the attention I get, and being able to move more.

Have I kept the weight off. Read the weight loss update here.

So, can anybody do it?

Yes, but you have to want it. It is a commitment and it’s not easy.

Is worth it?

Hell yes.

Start the change today!

Live life, love life, make the most of every day, don’t let the ordinary and the mundane become the norm, take nothing for granted. Read that again.

Celebrate the small things, be grateful. Never take your partner or kids for granted, rekindle the flames, show some passion, do something different, big, or small and flaunt the new bod.

But do NOT go clothes shopping in the middle of your journey as I did. I have shirts that fitted a smaller tummy fine and now feel like a tent. Jeans which fitted like tights are now baggy. Some of the shorts I bought are falling off. In fact, one pair literally fell off at Woolies when I put my phone in my pocket.

But I love it.

Have sex with the lights on. Brush your teeth in the nude. Enjoy your body again. There is no quick fix, remember, exercise alone will not fix poor lifestyle choices, but exercise is a part of it, will help tone the bod, and can help accelerate the loss.

My tips

  1. Make the hard decision, there is no best time, always one more party. Just do it.
  2. No junk, no sugar, low carbs
  3. Red wine. I didn’t stop drinking but I did stop beer and white wine. Get some quality reds and enjoy them, the amount you are saving on the junk will more than cover it.
  4. If there are nibbles, just don’t start. It’s just easier.
  5. Get a quality protein which is low in carbs and only has natural sweeteners and flavours. Keep protein intake up, use it to replace a meal,
  6. Get an exercise regime going. Ideally, a formal program to follow is best.
  7. Track your exercise on Garmin or Strava. Keep tabs and review weekly.
  8. Do some weight training. Work all the muscles in your body
  9. Portion control. Don’t eat for two people, don’t finish leftovers, don’t have seconds. Use a side plate if you need to
  10. Eat more salads and veggies.
  11. Make a veggie soup you can use when you are hungry.
  12. Have the “green” juice for breakfast. They cost twice as much as coffee and are generally twice as foul but are worth it.
  13. Stop watching TV, read, study, work, get out of the TV room.


My weight loss chart

 Weight loss chart


Body fat chart

Body fat loss

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Common sense should always apply. This is my story and what I did. Your personal situation may be different so assess that and talk to a medical professional first. To clarify, this article is not meant to health advice. Everyone is different.

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  • Yes, but.
    I did and I am a male.
    If you are pregnant or breast feeding, not a good idea. Talk to doc.
    Get your supplement intakes adjusted.
    The key here really is will power, self care and managing your calorie intake, while still getting the nutrients you need as above. Chat to your doc first if you worried or have any other conditions. Main thing is to stay healthy through the journey.

  • Can women do this ?


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