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About Us


Old Bull Health is a private, family-owned business incorporated in Australia and based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

You can find us @

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Old Bull Health develops ingestible supplement powders. 
We start by rethinking the traditional, expanding on our target market need with respect to solutions, and then conducting detailed research, before developing our products through the following four pillars.
  1. What and why are we solving? 
  2. Can we deliver more or better?
  3. Can we deliver better value?
  4. Will our customers feel different?

We sell online. Subscriptions facilitate reliable re-ordering. We also have local pickup available, however for now just in Brookvale (Sydney).

We work with various retailers and gyms to further grow our footprint.
Please contact us to have a chat if there is interest in helping distribute Old Bull products.


Because we got tired of buying multiple separate vitamin capsules, in different-sized bottles, from retailers with wall-to-wall shelves of product.

Being faced with too-many decisions on dosage, what was right for us, additional ingredients and price.

Then in addition, inconvenient usage options leading to inconsistent use. Questionable benefits, and then throwing out expired bottles half full of pills every couple of years. Sound familiar?

We wanted to change all that. Be solution based, convenient, easy and great value.

We ship directly to you as an ingestible powder. This means easy to mix, easy to digest, value for money, and keeping it in the kitchen or on your desk for easy access, and to help ensure consistent use. No more queasiness after handfuls of capsules on an empty stomach. 


We don't make this stuff in our garage. (I was asked that once)

Our products are registered and conform to Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) requirements where applicable and are listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). They are then produced in certified manufacturing facilities in Sydney.

Our warehouse is in Brookvale from where we ship directly to you using Express Post.  



Jason has a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and a passion for longevity and understanding the needs and the complex interactions supplements can have on us. 

Jason has a B.A. (Hons), and Ph.D. (Psychopharmacology) from the University of Sydney. Jason has spent more than a decade working as a neuroscientist researching drugs of addiction and reward mechanisms. 

Jason is a regular contributor to the Old Bull blog with alternate views on aging, longevity, and wellbeing He has also published several scientific papers, not only on longevity and health but also on psychology and related matters. Nothing goes into or is considered for our products without his input.

Jason is an extreme adventurer, and stays fit and healthy by mountaineering, rock climbing, surfing, and kiteboarding as well as adjusting his diet and experimenting regularly to maintain a healthy body.

Jason Galate Mountain Top

Jason Galate LinkedIn  Jason Galate Instagram

JEM BOLT (The Old Bull)

Jem is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has held numerous roles in consulting as well as leadership roles in various businesses. Jeremy has launched and built successful businesses in the past, and comes from a background of start-ups, technology, and marketing, starting his career at Deloitte before moving into consulting and then digital marketing. 

Jem is a passionate triathlete and after completing an Ironman at 49 wrote a book to prove it, called "From zero to Ironman triathlon" which was his journey from being unfit and overweight, and never having done a triathlon, to completing a full ironman four months later.

Jeremy stays fit and healthy by running, swimming, and cycling and still actively competes in Olympic distance triathlons. 

Jem also a part of the Jem & Donny Old Bull Health Podcast series.

Tri Club Champs Finish
Jeremy Bolt LinkedIn  Jem Bolt Instagram


Donny is a Physical and Wellbeing Health Specialist. Donny is a passionate supporter and advocate for the building of accessible strategies to ensure "getting fit" and "staying fit" are achievable pursuits for men of all ages.

Donny has 32 active years of Elite Performance Coaching and was The Head of Performance within a professional sporting team in the NRL (National Rugby League).

With academic learnings and applied industry experience at the forefront of his evidence-based messaging, Donny brings a unique brand of physical and mental support to the Old Bull Health community.

Donny also appears in the Jem & Donny Old Bull Health Podcast series.

Donny Singe - Old Bull Health
Donny Singe - LinkedIn Instagram - Donny Singe


  And that's the Old Bull Story. If you would like more information or to get in contact with the founders, please use the Contact us page.
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Thank you.
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