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What is Protein Powder

Great question. Many people use it. Most don't know the detail. As you get older you need it. And it's not just for gym junkies and body builders. Healthy bodies need protein for many functions including muscle maintenance.

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What is Protein?

  • Essentially a macronutrient essential for building muscle mass, repairing tissue, and making enzymes and hormones.
  • Made up of Amino Acids
  • 9 of these are essential Amino Acids, meaning your body cannot make them
  • 3 of these are BCAA's or branched chain amino acids
  • Some are conditional amino acids, meaning they are only created when needed

What is Protein Powder?

Protein powder is a supplement generally sold in a flavoured powder form and can be animal-based or plant-based. Both have different profiles when it comes to amino acids. 

Protein powder also comes in different concentrations including concentrate, isolate, hydrolysed and casein. Types of proteins are more fully explained here.

What is Protein Powder for?

The benefits of protein are well documented. Protein powder is the most often used supplement when it comes to protein. Mixed with water or milk after or just before exercise which is generally a 15 minute to 1 hour anabolic window.


Do it for your muscles sake


Where diets are low in protein, protein powder can be used as a supplement. Consuming protein alone won't make the average man fat, but make sure you use a protein with low or no sugar and if you are mixing it with a lot of calories that is not always ideal for managing weight. 

As you age, especially fifty plus, the following common factors can impact on protein intake, meaning a protein shake can ensure sufficient protein intake. These include:

  • Eating less due to a slower metabolism. Less food in = less protein in
  • Lifestyle factors including what you eat and drink and the impact of these on absorption
  • Age; as your intestine ages, absorption is impacted and studies show additional protein is required later in life to maintain muscle mass

If you have no idea how much protein you need. We have a neat table and some content on how much protein you need here.

Considerations when Buying Protein Powder

Its a competitive protein market out there. Not all proteins are born the same, and there is a lot of marketing hype to get through. There are also many different variations of protein powder available. Read more on types and variations of protein powder here. As old bulls and founders who use protein powder, we were clear on what our criteria was for a good protein, what worked for us, and what we didn't want . You can read these criteria here.

Watch outs

If you have an existing kidney condition, you should check with your doctor before using a protein supplement. As with anything, use in moderation. 


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