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Testing your testosterone levels

There are many reasons men might want to test their testosterone levels. 

Test options

  1. Saliva Test: Purchase online | Healthcare provider.
    Saliva tests are an easy alternative to blood tests and measure the levels of free testosterone in the saliva. Involves getting your saliva into a container and mailing it to the provider for analysis.

    Pro: Easier, less time and less invasive than a blood test. Possibly cheaper depending on your healthcare setup.
    Con: May be less reliable.

  2. Blood Test: Doctor | Healthcare provider
    Involves drawing a sample of blood and sending it to a laboratory for analysis. The blood test measures the total amount of testosterone in the blood, as well as the amount of free testosterone (testosterone that is not bound to other molecules)

    Pro: Accuracy
    Con: Need to go to doctor, convince that a blood test is required and to add in testosterone in the test. Time and cost

  3. Urine Test: Doctor | Healthcare provider
    Less commonly used than blood tests. Measures the amount of testosterone and other hormones in the urine and can provide information about how the body is processing testosterone.

  4. Fingerstick Test: Doctor | Healthcare provider
    Some healthcare providers may offer fingerstick tests to measure testosterone levels. This involves pricking the finger and collecting a small sample of blood, which is then analysed for testosterone levels. Fingerstick tests are less invasive than traditional blood tests but may be less reliable.

    Pro: Immediate
    Con: Pricked finger, not as accurate as blood test. 

Preparing for your test

Before testing your testosterone levels, it is important to prepare properly to ensure accurate results:

  • Testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day, with levels being highest in the morning and declining throughout the day. Best time to test in the morning, ideally between 7 am and 10 am.
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything for at least one hour before the test to prevent interference with the results.

It is also recommended that men avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours before the test as exercise can increase testosterone levels, however studies show this could also decrease depending on timing of exercise.

If you are getting your prostrate PSA levels checked at the same time, avoid cycling a couple of days before hand. 

What works for you?

Blood tests are the most common and reliable method, but saliva tests can be just as useful, done more regularly with less hassle and done without leaving the house.

Regular testosterone testing can also help men identify potential health problems early on, allowing them to take steps to improve overall health.

For example, if low testosterone levels are identified, lifestyle changes including sleep, weight loss and nutrition may be a good place to start to try increase levels naturally and a saliva test is easy as a follow up to start.

In addition, testing can be useful for men who are experiencing symptoms such as decreased libido or erectile dysfunction. These symptoms may be caused by low testosterone levels, and testing can help determine if this is the case. 

What next?

  1. Testosterone testing is an important tool for men to help assess their overall health and wellbeing. More on simple saliva tests here.
  2. Prepare properly for the test to ensure accurate results.
  3. Test testosterone levels regularly.
  4. Get ahead of potential health problems.


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