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How much Protein - Intake Chart

Need a Protein Intake Chart?

There's one further down on this page. But first.

Old Bull protein powder includes a 30g scoop. Old Bull protein is an Isolate, so it is higher in protein percentage. Each scoop delivers around 24.7g of protein.

How many protein shakes should I have in a day? What should my daily protein intake be? Great questions and I hope we can help.

See our Getting Started with Protein Guide right here.

The number of protein shakes are determined primarily by size, diet and level of activity.

The bigger you are, the less protein you eat, and the more active you are, the more protein you will need. Amounts also differ between men and woman, mainly due to size and muscle size.

Size and activity

The Australian recommended guidelines are an EAR* of 0.84g/kg for men and 0.75g/kg for women. See our Protein Users Guide. There is some evidence to show that men over 53 years old have 25% higher requirements for maintenance and this again increases at 70. 

* EAR = An intake value that is estimated to meet the requirements of half the healthy individuals in the group, so really a guideline.

The above however is general, a one-size-fits-all and does not take into account varying sizes or activity levels!

Use the charts below as follows:

Move down the left-hand column until you get to the weight closest to your weight.

Then. use the "Base" column. If you exercise, move across to the right from your applicable weight until you get to the column which best represents the calories you burn from exercise or activity on any particular day.
(Calories are shown at the top if each column).

Where the Weight row and the Base or Calorie columns intersect is the suggested daily protein intake in grams. (See assumptions below)


Protein intake chart - Men



Protein intake chart - Women



  • 1g of protein is 4 calories and protein content from calories is 20%. (The average based on various research papers). Australia and New Zealand nutrient reference values and guidelines quote a min of 10% and a max of 35%. 
  • Body composition is not taken into account in the above or individual circumstances or health conditions.


Daily protein needs:

Much of what we eat already includes protein (See images below). However, if you are not consuming enough protein in your diet, you may have a protein gap.

Protein shakes are a great way of filling this gap. They can help, and having a shake a couple of hours either side of your meal can improve absorption.

Protein content in food

How much protein?

OK, so think about your average daily diet: milk, meat, poultry, and fish etc and the amount of protein consumed as part of that diet. Most of us have a routine, so this should be easy.

Then use the tables to work out as a guideline, your protein requirement.

For example, my numbers are as follows:

I am 90 KG and would burn on average an additional 500 calories a day from walking or short runs at a minimum.

My base need is 76 g, and with my exercise around 101 g. I know a large flat white is around 8 g, and my meals would have around another 50 g. On an average day I would have a shake in the morning, and then after exercise, so around 50 g of protein from protein powder making it around 108 g in total. Perfect for me to help retain and gain muscle mass.

More about protein in the podcast below:

Still not sure? You can find our guide on how to calculate your daily protein needs in more detail right here. Proteins are packed with Amino Acids and come in various shapes and forms. You can find out more about the various types of Protein available on the market here.

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