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Causes of Stress - WORKPLACE

Workplace stress in Australia. It comes in all shapes and forms, big and small, and can affect many of us, male and female, young and old.

Recognise it and manage it and try not to sweat the small stuff. 


Workplace stress. Know it. Beat it.
  1. WFH: Returning to office, more days in the office with structures at home, be they kids, pets, or other, used to having you around and now alternate arrangements are required and therefore additional costs. Travel, clothes, care etc. Try looking for win-win compromises. Returning to work can also in certain cases produce unwanted anxiety.
  2. Workload and/ or pressure: An ever-increasing workload and relentless pressure to meet deadlines and performance requirements, and be nice to everyone, and attend team building events. Work culture can demand employees to go above and beyond, meaning long hours, high expectations, and an overwhelming sense of constant urgency. Prioritisation and communication are key in managing these.
  3. Work-life balance: Longer hours and pressure make it easy to let family time, hobbies, exercise and self-care slip. Prioritise yourself, a burnt-out employee is not good for business either. Do holidays properly.
  4. Lack of control and autonomy: Feeling powerless and lacking control over work-related decisions can significantly contribute to stress. When individuals have limited influence over their tasks, schedules, or decision-making processes, they can also experience a loss of motivation, engagement, and a sense of personal fulfilment. Work out what you can and cannot control, and what is acceptable to you.
  5. Inadequate support and resources: Insufficient support from supervisors, colleagues, or a lack of necessary resources can amplify stress levels, especially in new roles or new work requirements. When individuals feel left to navigate complex challenges alone or encounter frequent roadblocks due to politics or resource limitations, it adds to their frustration and stress. Talk about it, getting these solved in good for business, and bosses may not always aware.
  6. Poor work relationships: Negative work environments, conflicts with colleagues or superiors, and a lack of teamwork can generate significant stress. Interpersonal issues, whether due to communication breakdowns, bullying, or toxic dynamics, erode job satisfaction and contribute to emotional strain. You need to decide what you can change, and how it is impacting you to determine next steps.
  7. Organisational change: The ever-evolving nature of workplaces can be a major source of stress. Mergers, downsizing, restructurings, or the fear of job loss can trigger anxiety, uncertainty, and a constant state of unease.
  8. Lack of recognition and career growth: Feeling undervalued, underappreciated, or stuck in a career rut can significantly impact an individual's mental well-being. The absence of recognition and reward for hard work, and limited opportunities for professional growth can lead to feelings of stagnation and discontentment. Let your ambition guide you on this one.
  9. Harassment: Any nature of harassment whether once-off or ongoing, impacts work relationships and can result in colleagues taking sides. It is however not acceptable, as with bullying. Find out what the processes are for getting help.
  10. Technologies: Work is impacted by technology, systems, software and these are developing rapidly either leaving employees frustrated at working without these tools, and taking more time and effort, or being uncompetitive, or having to learn these and being overwhelmed. Technology should be a tool or an aid, work out what you need from it rather than deciding what it needs from you.

Remember, your well-being matters. Companies may exist to make a profit, but the smart ones recognise the value of their people, and try to build environments, practices and cultures which avoid the stresses above wherever possible in order to maximise business outcomes. It is usually inevitable that work will at times be a cause of stress.

Read more on stress, primary stress drivers whether internal or external, what it is, what it can do to you and the risk of prolonged stress on your health. Understanding the symptoms of stress is equally important so you can address these to find better balance and manage them

Disclaimer: The information provided by Old Bull Health in this article is for informational purposes and should not replace professional medical advice. Our content is not intended to be medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and thus reliance should not be placed on it. If you are experiencing symptoms, please consult a healthcare professional.

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