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The Old Bull Journey begins

The Old Bull Journey begins

When you launch a new product, in our case a new vanilla whey protein isolate into an already competitive and cluttered market it is daunting.

Why Old Bull?

Being active old bulls ourselves and also being protein users for many years we realised we still had no idea when it came to quality, flavour and mix and even just how different the amino acid profile can be across different proteins.

Talking to mates we realised most users and non users pretty much had no idea what they were taking or what they should be taking. Thus the journey began.

More than just Body Builders

Protein is not just for body builders, it is an important and often under rated nutrient the human body needs. Going into a supermarket or chemist where you have a handful of brands and multiple options within each brand, or going to an online specialist store where there are multiple brands and multiple options is confusing and often results in no decision or purchase. Its all just too hard. 

We wanted to make things simple. We also wanted to find an amino acid profile which would support the requirements of the older male and the challenges an older active body faces.

We also realized pretty quickly that most of our cohort also really had no idea how much protein they needed other than the 30g plastic scoop standard in their protein.

So here was something we believed in and used and believed was important enough to start a company around. Protein is important to the human body, especially active ones and can have dire consequences in old age if you don't get enough.

Old Bull Health wasn't just born with 1 simple and easy decision.

Do you want protein or not?

If you answer is yes then there is no further decision to make. We deliver a high quality, easy mixable isolate so a higher % of protein with low carbs at a reasonable price, which based on feedback to date tastes great.


Feedback for us was critical and while we were happy with the blend, after significant research, taste tests and ingredient reviews we didn't want to be the only customers of our product.

When you purchase Old Bull Protein we ask for a review by email 10 days after receipt and these are automatically published on our product page.

We also asked all our fellow cyclists, runners and swimmers for feedback and are hugely appreciative of their support to date. Most purchased and many subscribed. We stressed that we wanted honest feedback not the polite "It's great" and never order again type.

We are thrilled with the feedback to date. The feedback has been consistent:

  • Easy ordering
  • Speedy delivery and packed well
  • Liked the advice on usage
  • Mixes well in water, no lumps
  • Very tasty, love the teaste
  • Versatile

We have had one punter saying its a little sweet so he is putting it into smoothies, but we know him and he knows who he is and he doesn,t like anything remotely sweet. So we and he can live with that.

Thank you

So a big thank you to the Scientists, TTGR (Time to get Ripped exercise group), the ZWIFT crew, the Cycologist cycling crew and more who have supported this journey to date and given us feedback. We appreciate it and are glad you like it

We've had a couple of folk point out that a healthy diet will get you all the protein you need and we agree, but also point out as with our experience that as you age and your metabolism slows, you tend to eat less which means your protein intake reduces. Throw in some booze and junk food and absorption is impacted not to mention overall age related absorption. We all live life right?
We are not just going to do protein, but we are going to only focus on old bulls (fifty plus males) and have 2 exciting new old bull products which are completely different and which might make you a younger bull out later this this year.
Thank you from the Old Bull Team


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