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Donny on Training and Health

Donny on Training and Health

I sat down with Donny at the Queensie corner cafe to ask him about life, the universe, and an Old Bull's health.

In case you missed the social posts, Donny recently joined Old Bull Health as a specialist advisor on physical health and wellbeing. In case you're wondering why he is qualified for this; he has 32 years odd of Elite performance coaching and is in fact the longest-serving head of performance at Manly to date, and his stories are fascinating.

Anyway, I am humbled as a weekend exercise warrior at best, but here goes:

Jem: Donny, you have trained a lot of folks, what are some key things you have learned about motivation, especially when it comes to exercise and individuals over the years?

Donny. Good question. 3 things.

1. Educate yourself as to exercise, you need to know the "Why" as the "How" is already there, all over the Internet, just search. How to do sit-ups, how to run etc etc. You, as an individual need the "Why". It could be to lose weight, avoid fragility in older age, improve mental health, or feel better. You decide, you find it.

2. Recovery. I always tell the guys, don’t carry yesterday's load into tomorrow. You need to recover in your head and in your body to start afresh each day.  Let the days training or activity go, be done. Seize the next day.

3. Prepare for exercise, make time, plan time, dress properly, and be clear on your goal You do that for work right? Why not exercise when it is even more important for your physical and mental health? Make exercise and your health your priority!

Jem: OK, what about fitness then?

Donny: Don’t try to boil the ocean on your first run or gym session, it’s a recipe for disaster. You will get injured, feel tired, and then demotivate yourself. So, know your limits and then set incremental goals and changes.

Set achievable goals. Avoid goals driven by ego, others’ expectations, the Internet, or an influencer. You know your body. Build yourself into an exercise program, not the other way around.

Measure progress, not outcomes. A measure could be a certain weight or a distance. Build-up, measure progress, and try to avoid injury at all costs. It makes you stronger and motivates you more.

Don’t worry about other people; that you may be sweating profusely, that you are walking in your running gear, that you may be lifting light weights etc. This is about you, your physical and mental health, not them. Be clear on that.

If you decide to exercise, then go buy all the gear, and then tell everyone you are exercising but don’t actually exercise, let's be clear, you are not exercising and will achieve nothing other than losing credibility and having less money. This has to be personal. It is about you.

Finally, another passion area of mine is when people say they have no time to exercise. There is always time to exercise. Have you got time for heart disease? Type 2 diabetes? Illness? I’m guessing not, so plan your day, and your week better, work around it and make exercise an integral part of your day.

Jem: What is your advice around nutrition?

Donny: Don’t get me started. Key things for me are first as you get older, get some protein, make a protein shake and have it daily. Make it a habit. Make sure it is a clean protein, low carbs, no sugar, and that it gives you protein for your muscles, and helps you feel fuller to avoid junk food or cravings during the day.

Trust me, the cost of a protein shake is cheaper than a muffin or a bacon & egg roll. Make sure you get a quality protein of course I would recommend Old Bull protein; the cost is around $1.90 per day.

Secondly portion control. Use a side plate if you must. Serve the meal and put any leftovers in the fridge immediately so you don’t go back for a second helping. remember your brain is about 20 minutes behind your mouth when it comes to food, so you generally don’t need a second helping and keep the first one small. Age, a slowing metabolism, and those carbs are only going one place, and it is not your biceps.

Finally, frequency of food intake. Smaller more regular portions mean your metabolism stays up, and you don’t get as hungry.

Jem: So, Donny you obviously like the Old Bull Health brand and products, I know red is one of your favourite colours and I can see the usage, what are you doing with them, how are you using them?

Donny: I have a single scoop of protein and a 5g standard mix of T&I Formula (Testosterone & Immunity) every morning soon after I wake, and then again just a protein shakes at lunchtime. I have both with water and enjoy the taste.

Jem: So, are you hungry during the day, is this working for you? What else do you eat?

Donny: No, not hungry at all, no cravings. In fact, I feel good, light on my feet which I haven’t felt for a while, and training well. I do also eat small portions of fruit and nuts during the day and then dinner with the family.

Jem: Have you felt any different since you started using Old Bull powders?

Donny: Jem, I will only endorse a product if I feel it works. I have had a lot of stress lately as you know, have been giving a number of motivational talks, which I do for companies as a motivational speaker, and a number of other gigs not to mention training and kids and training with kids.

Donny and his kids

I have to say I have never felt better. I started using the Old Bull products about 4 weeks ago, I use them every day and my training is good, my head is clear, I can focus, and feel I have energy for the day. My wife even commented and asked what was going on with me as I actually managed to finish a couple of tasks rather than get up and start something else.

Jem: Any final thoughts Donny

Donny: Consistency! Consistency in your diet, your exercise, and your sleep. This will get you to your goals.

Jem: Thank Donny

Donny: Cheers Jem


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