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News - Donny Singe - Old Bull health

News - Donny Singe - Old Bull health

Donny Singe teams with Old Bull Health

Sydney, NSW, 7 October 2022 

Donny Singe has joined Old Bull Health as a specialist advisor on Physical Health & Well-being.

Donny is a passionate supporter and advocates for the building of practical and accessible strategies to ensure that "getting fit" and "staying fit" are achievable pursuits for men of all ages.

Donny has 32 active years of Elite Performance Coaching and is currently positioned as The Head of Performance within a professional sporting organisation. With academic learning and applied industry experience at the forefront of his evidence-based messaging, Donny brings a unique brand of physical and mental support to the Old Bull Health community.

Jeremy Bolt, founder of Old Bull Health said: “I am thrilled to have Donny on board and to work with him on programs to optimise the human body. As we get older, staying in shape, and changing the way we exercise are critical for retaining muscle mass and injury recovery, as are supplements to support these endeavours. Donny is perfectly placed to advise on all these areas, and I look forward to working with him to try and help men stay healthier and happier as they age.”

Donny added: "What excited me most about Old Bull Health is an opportunity to assist men, just like me, to continue to age with fit, strong, and healthy minds and bodies. We know through both physical and metaphysical sciences that any long-term, permanent change is made internally. Old Bull Health ingestible powders are made with that in mind, tasty ingestible supplement powders for men".

Old Bull Health is an Australia start-up from the Northern Beaches of Sydney focussing on innovative ingestible powder supplements and protein for men to support muscle, bone, and brain capability.



Old Bull Health Pty Ltd is a family-owned health business located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney which makes ingestible powder health supplements for men, to support several areas including wellbeing, weight loss, testosterone, sarcopenia, declining muscle mass, and cognition.


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