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Old Bull Health Podcast Series

Jem & Donny Podcast - Short, Sharp & Fit



Jem Bolt and Donny Singe talk about the "big" issues for men, in their funny but serious, short but impactful, light but important Short, Sharp, and Fit podcast series by Old Bull Health.

Tired or long winded, big words and theoretical advice. We get to the nitty gritty, we get to practical tips and things to think about when navigating life in middle age and older. By men who are middle aged and older but always based on detailed research from trusted sources. 

Jem brings a unique set of facts and experience from his own journey navigating health as a fifty-year-old, while Donny brings a professional viewpoint from 32 years of training experience, with 20 of those spent coaching elite athletes in the NRL (Manly Sea Eagles). 

The combination is an entertaining, mix of humour and facts, that will entertain, challenge, make you laugh, result in eye rolls, and maybe even make you more interesting at dinner.

Our main goal is to give you, the listener some valuable takeaways to support your own health and well-being journey and objectives, whatever they may be. From coffee to VO2 Max, online dating and supplements.

For some context, Old Bull Health makes unique digestible powders for men, but also tries to bring a more wholistic approach to a group of people that don't always invest in their own health and wellbeing. 

Who should listen:

  • People who realise the importance of their physical and mental health.

  • People who want to improve the above.

  • Good blokes, open to new ideas.


Ladies, our topics we admit are generally more for the men in your lives, should you have one. But much of what we talk about is just as relevant. We hope you find them just as valuable. If nothing else, we hope you gain valuable and maybe not so valuable insights to celebrate all the men in your lives.

Where to find us:

Old Bull Health Apple PodcastsOld Bull Health SpotifyOld Bull Health Google PodcastsOld Bull health RSS
  • All your favourite podcasting platforms.
  • Also, Deezer, Audacy, PlayerFM, iHeartRadio and Amazon.


  1. Listen.

  2. Try remembering at least 1 tip you can implement.

  3. Subscribe & share for more.

Old Bull Health PODCAST episodes

Please feel free to submit topics and questions. We would genuinely love to hear from you. Connect with us here.

*Testosterone podcasts and our mini-series are all here. Weight loss related podcasts here. Finally, all our Old Bull health podcasts on Active men can be found here. Or just use the menu above.

Episode 1 - Is Coffee good for you?

Episode 2 - Weights or Cardio?

Episode 3 - Is sex exercise?

Episode 4 - Benefits of resistance training.

Episode 5 - Gut Health.

Episode 6 - Mindfulness and Mental Health.

Episode 7 - Making time for exercise.

Episode 8 - What is protein and why you need it?

Episode 9 - Body Fat % and summer body construction.

Episode 10 - Testosterone, yes, I said it.

Episode 11 - How old is old? Your life may depend on it.

Episode 12 - Summer body construction Part II

Episode 13 - Which sport will help you live longer?

Episode 14 - No SMART goals. Try a new approach to success

Episode 15 - Body types Women want in men.

Episode 16 - Food choices. 221 a day apparently

Episode 17 - Alcohol choices and holidays.

Episode 18 - How to complete an Ironman. I did and so can you!

Episode 19I lost 15KG in 10 weeks - PART I

Episode 20 - I lost 15KG in 10 weeks - PART II

Episode 21 - How do you measure up healthwise?

Episode 22 - The Mighty VO2 Max - What you need to know and why!

Episode 23 - How to approach and train for Cardio.

Episode 24 - Which Sportsmen or women are fittest?

Episode 25 - Health Apps. The new game.

Episode 26* - Testosterone. Moobs and more - Part I 

Episode 27*Testosterone benefits - Part II

Episode 28 - Fasting. Does it work? What are the options?

Episode 29* - How to maintain or boost Testosterone levels naturally - Part III

Episode 30 - Flexibility v Stretching. Know the difference.

Episode 31* - Testosterone and supplements - Part IV

Episode 32 - We were born to run!

Episode 33 - Stress, understand it, manage it.

Episode 34 - Porn. Live and learn.

Episode 35 - Donny's workout secrets

Episode 36 - Help managing stress.

Episode 37 - Coach and Mentor yourself

Episode 38 - Weight management

Episode 39 - Can reducing calories make you live longer?

Episode 40 What's in the Old Bull training Bag?

Episode 41 - What does it mean to be Fit?

Episode 42 - Over Fifty? 10 things you should know.

Episode 43 - Young Bull - Old Bull

Episode 44 - Push Ups - Push ups are the best and here is why.

Episode 45 - Seal Team sayings

Episode 46Online Dating, An intro, And other interesting facts

Episode 47 - Ready for Cognition?

Episode 48 - Part I top worrying about money with Jacqui Clarke

Episode 49 - Part II Stop worrying about money with Jacqui Clarke

Episode 50 - Sleep less and you may have smaller testicles.

Episode 51 - Nutrient deficiencies and shortages in Australia

Episode 52 - Part I Beating Burnout Finding Balance with Melo Colarco

Episode 53 - Part II Beating Burnout Finding Balance with Melo Colarco

Episode 54 - What is a Balanced Diet? Do you Know?

Episode 55 - If you use supplements, you should listen to this

Episode 56 - Deciphering vitamin and mineral supplement intakes

Episode 57 - Part I e your own Life and Leadership Coach with Karen Stein

Episode 58Part II Be your own Life and Leadership Coach with Karen Stein

Episode 59 - Chatting about reps, getting started and building up exercise.

 Updated regularly with new episodes, so please subscribe or follow us on social media or on your favourite podcast platform. Links above.

From time to time, we mention products during our podcasts. Over time these products might be updated, or change. We apologise if you cannot find an exact product referenced in a podcast, but a good place to start is always on our homepage.  


Disclaimer: The information provided by Old Bull Health in this article is for informational purposes and should not replace professional medical advice. Our content is not intended to be medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and thus reliance should not be placed on it. If you are experiencing symptoms, please consult a healthcare professional.

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