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Is the the best protein shaker?

Is the the best protein shaker?

Recently I acquired a Shakespere. Apparently the world's best protein shaker bottle! Actually, I acquired it for my wife's birthday suspecting she would give it back to me and when you've known someone for 23 years you are not often wrong, so I now have the "Tumbler View" model and have been using it now for a month.

I have always had a little fetish for protein shakers, and as I, of course use our Old Bull protein and T&I Formula together as a meal alternative for breakfast every day my protein shakers get a work out so to speak.

Protein shaker issues

First world problem! I admit, every other shaker I have had was cheap ($6-$12) and lasted around 3 months, maybe a little longer. The logo or writing always goes first and then the lid stops sealing either around the rim, or from the drinking nozzle, and increasingly makes a mess when you shake. Also, I assume because they come from different molds the lids are not interchangeable, and the mixing ball inside always gets put somewhere I cannot find it when it comes out of the dishwasher. These bits and pieces gather like old Tupperware and look untidy,

Protein shaker requirements

  • I wanted to be motivated to use it, Looks, functionality, etc.
  • Seal properly every time
  • Feel solid, not flimsy
  • Needs to last say 12 months at least, and be totally dishwasher proof
  • Retain looks, no colour fade or lost logo after a short time
  • Needs to mix whatever is inside well
  • Able to hold up to 500ml + liquid

Shakesphere protein shaker bottles

I must confess a colleague brought these to my attention. We (Old Bull) have looked at protein shakers many times, both Chinese suppliers of which tere are many, and other international suppliers, and have had some manufactured locally. Nothing really seemed different or better. That is why I was excited when this particular colleague showed me a Tumbler double wall steel concrete in real life. I was a little in love at first sight but did fall a little less in love when I saw the price was $89.99.  Was this the most expensive protein shaker in the world? Well, it also doubles as a keep cup which will set you back $30 these days odd so you decide.

Sharesphere science

OK, so what are the MVPs of these protein bottles? According to Shakesphere they include

  • Rugged material & leakproof
    I agree, they are solid, no damage, fading, or issues so far
  • No corners, no stick
    I definitely agree. No powder caught anywhere and then trying to scrape it out later when it is dry. Everything mixes. This is good design.
  • No mixing ball
    This was the biggie for me and it really doesn't need one. No third piece, it mixed well and apparently is a patented design. Who knew you could patent a protein bottle but they have.
  • Leak-proof guarantee
    It doesn't leak. Slide at the top is solid and the lid fits and works well.

Tumbler View product

I bought the Tumbler view in white. Because the colour was a little different, I wasn't planning to drink my hot coffee out of it and I liked the window to see the level of the contents internally. I always would choose a clear water bottle or protein shaker. Weight wise 164g, so with powder and liquid heading up to 800g+. The reason I mention this is sometimes I take it with only powder inside to the office in my backpack and this adds an extra 199g which I thought was OK. But keep in mind that compared to a standard cheapie protein shaker which weighs in at 149g (700ml shaker with ball) so really 25g heavier which in my view is neither here nor there. 

So pics to prove I actually do own one. It is used every day, sometimes twice and as mentioned is 1 month old at the time of writing. It doesn't go into the dishwasher every day but probably around 4 times per week.

Shakespere Tumbler View WhiteShakespere Tumbler View - Weight
The fluoro colour was from a highlighter, my bad. 

Should you buy a Shakespere?

Before you read further. Just to be clear, I paid full retail for the above, purchased it from the website, got it mailed to me like a normal customer, have never met the owners, and have no affiliation with the company. I just like sharing great products I come across in my health journeys. I may have emailed them to see if I could sell them on the Old Bull website but have not had a response yet, but I would if I could.

So, if you use protein regularly should you buy one?

Hell to the yes.

I love mine, use it every day, its easy, mixes well, looks good, does not leak and in a small way motivates me. They are expensive, but I feel at this early stage the superior quality and functionality justifies the price.  If you are a regular user of the average protein shaker. This is a must. 


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