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Greens Powder Launched

Greens Powder Launched

New product - Daily Greens Powder

After months of hard work, we got there, and have launched our new Greens Powder.

A digestible powder as you would expect, in a 30-serve convenient pouch for daily use. We kept this simple, going back to basics and not cramming in as much as possible. We started with 5 key criteria:

  1. Benefits? (The why?)
  2. Organic ingredients?
  3. Credible and research backed ingredients?
  4.  Mixability and taste for daily use.
  5. Cost and value to drive consistent use.
Old Bull Greens Powder


When we benchmarked this product initially, we looked at 8 household greens powder competitors, and calculated their cost per serve. (The number of ingredients in these products ranged from 7 to 75, and some included excipients in their ingredient count, so this number is not necessarily a good guide).

Cost per serve

Cost per serve average competitors: Min $1.38 to max $3.45.

Old Bull Health Greens Powder cost per serve: $1.33.


  • Gut health
  • Digestion
  • Bloating
  • Detox
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Rich in nutrients
  • General health

Think long term health, and find all the detail on our Greens Powder here.


WebMD reports the benefits of Barley grass juice powder include, being antioxidant rich, helping digestion by feeding the good bacteria in your gut and helping your stomach absorb sugar more slowly which can help keep blood sugar and cholesterol lower. In animal studies the conclusion reached was it can be an effective nutraceutical in the management of obesity. See Pubmed research here.

Wheatgrass is a concentrated source of nutrients and can help eliminate toxins, help digestion, boost metabolism and lower cholesterol amongst other things. Read the article here.

Oatgrass is rich in nutrients, and can help detoxify the body. Also shown to support lower cholesterol, reduce weight and improve heart health. Read more here.


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