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The Big Reasons you get Big

The Big Reasons you get Big

Not looking as legendary as you used to? Three reasons it's not your metabolism. 

Many of us received love handles, and a protruding tummy as a gift in our late forties and for some of us this has accelerated into our fifties and beyond. And you thought it was all your metabolism and you were the victim here?

A study of 6.500 people, 80 contributing authors, and 40 years of data later showed it's not just your metabolism. In our previous Old Bull Blog post, around protein and metabolism Dr. Jason pointed out human metabolism is an unknown. Metabolism does move around and is at its maximum in the first year of life. It then slows to our twenties and then levels off until we reach, you guessed it fifty! From sixty it decreases.

But according to the researchers, mid-life weight gain is not so metabolic, rather  a lifestyle thing. But, let's be fair, keeping an ironing board of a tummy is hard. 

In addition our research showed:

  • Nobody has ever actually fallen over into a pizza, and eaten it by mistake.
  • Nobody, not ever, has accidentally drunk a beer
  • Studies have shown watching Netflix shows featuring good looking thin people, don't make you any thinner.

These are the big reasons you get bigger. What you do about it to live healthily and live longer is all about choice.

1. Cut down the booze

Too much alcohol = weight gain. Many studies have shown this. Try this alcohol intake calculator. I found as a result of doing this:

  • I was spending a about $5K on alcohol a year
  • Beers and a half a bottle of red wine can easily tip 10 standard drinks
  • I didn't think I drank a lot but ended up in the harmful drinking range

Like everything, this information and my surprise at the results gave me the "energy" for change. I have moved to mid-strength and alcohol-free beer and also cut down on a pointless mid-week alcohol habit


2. Slow your muscle decay

Goodbye muscles, hello fat gain. Yes? Not very legendary at all. Muscle decay starts around thirty-something. Muscles need fueling from quality calories and protein. Just like you wouldn't put sugar into your car, what are you putting into your muscles?

Resistance training and understanding your protein intake is a key part of this. Find basal metabolic calculators and protein intake tables here. Get what you need, not what fast food outlets are selling.

3. Get busy

Our bodies are made to move. The more time you are online or Netflixing, the less time you are moving. Gluttony and Sloth research from 2016 shows obesity has more than doubled since the eighties. Think AHA and Van Halen. The research includes data on how movement has declined and we have moved to more sedentary lifestyles.

The move to services versus labour type jobs. In other words, sitting on your bum looking at a screen the whole day is not good for you. This needs to be balanced. Not only for your body but also for your eyes. 

Them love handles are stubborn

Love-handles love you, they just don't want to leave. And trust me, they are not really love-handles. Ever heard of anyone, ever, grabbing a love handle and yelling "Yea baby, these turn me on". Um nah. But love-handles do love junk food. 

How do you move stubborn love handles? Let them know they are not wanted. Like you would older teenagers refusing to leave the nest, cut the booze, feed them healthy food, and make them work. They will eventually decide to move on.

So eat healthily and get moving. Get the junk out of your trunk, it's expensive, gives you gas and you almost instantly regret it once eaten.   


  • Cut down on the booze, find your energy for change
  • Focus on your muscles, build them, fuel them
  • Cut out the blatant junk. Chocolates, ice cream, pizza, fried chicken, French fries. They are only pretending to be your friend.

This is inspired by a great article in the Australian entitled "Don't look like a Hollywood star? It's not your metabolism".


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