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Tips to get you started with PROTEIN

Old Bull protein is a whey isolate protein. It is highly filtered to maximise protein content (95%), mixes easily, is easy on the digestive system, and enjoys a rich neutral vanilla flavour with a natural sweetener (Thaumatin), so low carbs and no sugar. 

1. When to take protein?

  • Ideally 30 minutes before or after exercise
  • 2 - 3 hours before or after meals if not exercising

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    2. Best liquid base for protein shakes

    • Water is quickest and easiest. Our protein mixes well with water. 500ml to 750ml is ideal depending on your thirst and taste preferences. Try out a couple of options first to get to your ideal mix

    • Milk adds a smooth and creamy taste but does add some additional calories, and of course you will need to buy more milk to avoid upsetting other household members should you run out.

      Average nutrition facts for a glass of milk (this will vary by milk) are:
      • 150 calories
      • 8g protein (casein + whey)
      • 12g carbs (sugar lactose)
      • 12g sugar (3 teaspoons)
      • 8g Fat
      • Vit B12, Calcium, riboflavin and phosphorous

      • Yoghurt is also an option if you are a regular user. Takes a little longer to mix and keep in mind flavour choices given our protein is vanilla. You may need a spoon to eat.

        Average nutrition facts, (this will vary widely depending on the yoghurt brand, type and flavour) in milk yoghurt are:
        • 60 calories
        • 3 - 4g protein
        • 5g carbs
        • 5g sugar )just over 1 teaspoon)
        • 3 - 4g fat
        • Similar vitamins and minerals to milk
      • Blend with milk, yoghurt, and some of your favourite berries. Berries are low in calories and nutritious as well as being high in anti-oxidants. Favorites from a taste and health perspective include blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. 
      • Coffee. If you have a Nespresso machine, 2 shots of your favourite coffee, 200ml milk, and a scoop of vanilla. Hot or cold milk. Shake it all together and you have a Vanilla Latte.
      • Add to food such as granola or muesli. We do suggest having your protein away from mealtimes to maximise absorption, but the above can be a tasty mix. Mix the protein and milk before adding the granola or muesli. 
      Protein liquid base

        3. Making a great protein shake

         For the uninitiated:

        1. Add liquid base into the protein shaker first
        2. Use the included scoop to add protein
        3. Add protein in line with your needs
        4. Close properly and check for leaks (Critical requirement)
        5. Shake until protein is mixed well
        Making a protein shake

        4. Five ideas to help you protein better

        1. Add some ice to your shake
        2. If you are blending, get a quality blender
        3. Try blend frozen berries. Easy access in the freezer, frozen also lasts longer so less waste and they chill the shake on a hot day
        4. Explore a mix of fruit, yoghurt, milk and water with protein
        5. Explore exotics such as oats, cashews or chia seeds

        Protein mix options



        When it comes to protein, choose your own adventure. When on the run and time-poor - Old Bull protein delivers a rich quenching taste, and mixes easily and well with water, .

        Weekends, breakfast time, try some blender options but beware of the additional carbs and proteins you are adding if trying to lose weight.


        Old Bull Protein
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