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How to enjoy Protein Powder

Protein is essential for the body especially if you are working out or getting older.


Protein powder is a great way to supplement your protein needs.


Five Protein tips to get you startedHow to choose a protein powder

  • Animal or plant protein? Animal proteins are complete proteins meaning they include all the essential amino acids your body cannot create.
  • Whey protein is an animal protein derived from cow's milk. More on types of protein here.
  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) has a higher protein content (Additional filter process), which means fewer carbs and fast absorption to the muscles where it is needed.

Old Bull protein is engineered for Old Bulls, being a whey protein isolate protein, all-natural with low carbs and fats and high levels of leucine proven to help retain and gain muscle mass. read more on the benefits of protein

Check your protein intake
Any idea how much protein your body needs or why?
  • Consider your average daily diet.
  • Use an online calculator or app to get an idea of your daily protein intake.
  • Proteins come from dairy, meat, poultry, and vegetables. Junk food and booze are not great sources.

As we age we tend to eat less to manage slowing metabolisms and in addition, absorption can be affected meaning less protein in, and then the protein that goes in is not always available.

How much protein
  • The standard recommended intake for males in Australia is 0.84g per kilogram of body weight.
  • When you burn extra calories through exercise more protein is needed. (Use the table below to calculate your daily protein requirement based on your size and calories burned per day)

Protein intake Chart

  • Now consider how much protein you are eating versus how much your body needs, especially after exercise.
  • Old Bull protein comes with a 30 g scoop which means each scoop will deliver 25 g of protein.

If you do use a protein powder, use it 30 minutes before or after exercise and try not to use it with, or close to mealtimes so your body can maximise absorption. 

When to take protein

  • Ideally, 30 minutes pre-exercise, or up to 60 minutes post is ideal
  • Trying to lose weight, drink it between meals to increase feelings of satiety and reduce snack motivation. Also ensures the focus is protein absorption, not meal absorption.
  • Break up your protein intake during the day.
  • To increase energy, use immediately prior to a workout
  • The most important last. To avoid muscle decay, consume during the day in smaller amounts rather than all at once.
You can drink a protein shake any time of the day. Tim Ferriss in his book "The 4-Hour Body" recommends within 30 minutes of waking every day. Old Bull recommends before or after exercise. You decide, you can even use protein as a meal replacement. Not sure how much you may needMaking Protein Shakes

A. Choose your liquid

  • Generally, milk or water are the usual, but yogurt or a mix of these all work well. Protein powders are designed to mix with liquids so they should blend smoothly. You don't really need anything else.

B. Choose your ingredients

  • If you want to get into the exotics, add bananas, blueberries, or strawberries and blend.
  • A little muesli or granola can add some fibre and taste but don't go overboard or you may be drinking your shake with a spoon.
  • Anything other than water can bring in additional sugars, carbs, and proteins.
  • Sprinkle protein powder onto your porridge or your favourite cereal, but for the reasons around absorption would not be our preferred mix suggestion.
  • If you have a "sweet" protein, coffee can dampen this and be a great-tasting shake. Experiment to find a mix that works for you.
  • We suggest avoiding juicy fruits like grapes, watermelon or oranges, or fruit juices as a mix. They tend not to mix as well and can result in odd flavour outcomes.

C. Protein shaker

  • If you have a protein shaker, then avoid anything other than milk or water.
  • Ensure the steel mixing ball is inside.
  • Add your liquid base first (500-700ml) - Tip: Chill the liquid first.
  • Add 30g Old Bull Protein powder (Experiment with the amount of liquid to find your "taste")
  • Add the protein powder
  • Close properly (This part is important)
  • Give the protein shaker a good shake until all the powder is mixed.
  • Slip open the lid and drink it down. 


Branded Protein Shaker 


D. Making protein smoothies.

  1. Assemble the blender and add your liquid base (Water, milk, yogurt, or a mix of these). usually around 300ml. Experiment to find your personal preference. You need around 150ml of liquid to ensure it will blend.
  2. Add the right amount of protein powder based on your protein intake, using the scoop provided, and keep in mind 1 scoop of a good isolate like Old Bull Protein is 25 g.
  3. Add the remainder of your ingredients.
  4. Blend as long as it takes to break up and mix all the ingredients.
  5. Ice is a great addition for really hot days, as long as your blender can handle it.


This is how you Protein with Old Bull. 

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