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Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

Donny Singe's training experience is second to none. He has done 32 successful years of Elite Performance Coaching and was The Head of Performance for a professional sporting team in the NRL (National Rugby League).

Pro Trainer Tips

Winter is coming.

Don't add that extra padding over Winter, just to have to lose it in Spring. Stay healthy, fit and sexy throughout Winter. 

We asked Donny how?

Donnys winter maintenance tips:

    1. GEAR
      You know it's going to get cold, so get ahead of the game. Make sure you have the right gear, windbreaker, warmer running top, gloves, wetsuit.
      There is no such thing as cold weather, just poor gear choices.
      Get ahead of the game. Most people are not ready for the first cold snap, and it can affect the rest of your winter training. Get some lights and ensure you have reflective gear.

      The only changes in Winter are temperature and light, or the lack thereof. The workday doesn't change, start times, school times etc. don't change. Neither should you.
      Prepare yourself for colder and/ or darker starts, and remember the time of day is the same, it's not earlier or later than you think it is.
    3. FOOD
      As your biological clock changes so do your eating habits. Appetite and eating choices also shift.
      A cold smoothie for breakfast might become a warm bowl of oats in winter.
      Be conscious of dietary changes and related calorie intake to balance this out with the rest of the day, and your exercise effort.

      If you have a plan to run or cycle etc. How can you stick to the plan if the weather or poor light impacts. Is there a local gym you can go to as an option? Do you have an indoor trainer? Can you go later in the day?
      Plan or think about for how you will get around adverse weather options to maintain your routine or training plan.
      Measure yourself, weight, tummy in cm etc. 
      Go into Winter knowing what it is you want to maintain and set some goals. This means measurement.
      Listen to our podcast on measurement below to get some ideas.




  1. Prepare - Get some gear.
  2. Prepare mentally for lower temperatures and less light.
  3. Be conscious of how your calorie consumption might change.
  4. Stick with a plan or routine.
  5. Measure and track

    Hope you find those useful as we go into Winter.

    You can find all the Old Bull Health podcasts here. Visit our store here.

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