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Testosterone Plus and Testosterone & Immunity Formula include the same ingredients.

With the optimum daily amounts of vitamin C, D and Zinc, to facilitate daily use. This product is a great immune system support formula, as it is for supporting Testosterone levels. The name Testosterone & Immunity Formula is approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Are Fitter Stronger Bundles a meal replacement?

To be called a meal replacement means compliance with the Food Standards Code with respect to ingredients, meaning the inclusion of all the things that would substitute a meal including sugar and carbs. Specifications are a one-size fits all, and don’t differ, or typically take into account any specific gender or age requirements.

We refer to our Fitter Stronger Bundle as a “meal alternative” rather, and we use it as an alternative to 1 daily meal. It has the things that are important to older males and fewer nasties. As always, consider your diet, how well balanced your overall daily diet is, and what works for you. As with any dietary change, whether meal replacement or meal alternative, consult a medical professional first to make sure it is right for you.

Why aren't your Meal Alternatives all in one bag?

We believe the amount of protein needed differs by person and goal. You can get very scientific about what that means for you, but we try to give guidance based on the average Western male size, exercise and diet. One scoop per day for muscle maintenance, two scoops for muscle gain.   

What is an "ingestible powder"

Typically, vitamins and minerals are capsule based which can be inconvenient, expensive and a pain when you need to take a number of different ones every day. Ingestible powders are a growing category, and are generally fine, soluble powders, formulated to reach the stomach and bloodstream when mixed with liquids. 

How much is delivery?

Within Australia we charge a flat rate of A$9.95 for delivery. Some bundles do offer free delivery. 

Do you offer pick up?

We offer next day FREE pick up from ATOS, 152 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale, Sydney NSW. Opening hours are: 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

How long to deliver?

Orders are mailed within 1-2 business days of your order, 99% of the time using Australia Post, Express Post Service is used outside Sydney, we do target 2-day delivery, this can be longer depending on your location and distance from a capital city.

For a more accurate estimate from Australia Post, enter 2100 as our 'from' postcode, and your delivery postcode using this online postage calculator.

Do you deliver to Post Office Boxes?

Yes, Australia Post deliver to Post Office boxes.

Do you ship internationally?

YES, we do. We ship via Australia Post Express and charge a flat rate of AUD$25 (Approx US$17.50)

USA Customers

Australia Post has resumed standard shipping to the USA. We are currently experiencing delivery times of approx. 10 Business Days.

UK Customers

At this time Australia Post is only providing express shipping options to the UK. Delivery time are typically 10-15 Business Days for delivery.

Rest of the World - 4-6 weeks depending on country.

What is your refund and returns policy?

Our refund and returns policy are located here

Are your products appropriate for females?

YES. We did specifically target the needs of men, but there are no required warnings for female use. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your doctor. In certain cases, the daily requirements may be less by ingredient for females, but none of our ingredients exceed the daily published upper limits for females in Australia.

Why only Vanilla flavoured protein?

As old bulls we wanted to keep things simple. Research showed vanilla and chocolate were 97% of the market, without a significant preference for either flavour. In addition, the founders all had a preference for vanilla (Sorry). Bottom line is, it's one less decision you have to make.

I'm a vegetarian, is this for me?

Whey protein does not contain any meat products but is derived from cow's milk.

Who develops your products?

Firstly, detailed research helps define key gaps in the market and consumer trends.

Onerous research & development follows. As opposed to the viewpoint of a single nutritionist or expert, we rely on many. Detailed discussions, market benchmarking, overseas and local research, followed by reviews of clinical trials in reputable journals. 

Outputs are then reviewed by our internal expert who has a PHD in Pharmacology, before being finalised and reviewed by our manufacturing partner and their in-house doctor, in line with TGA (Therapeutic good administration) requirements where applicable.

Who makes your products?

All products are designed, formulated, packed and mixed in Australia in TGA certified facilities to ensure quality.

Why do a subscription?

Consistent use is key. Subscriptions ensure consistent use, and supply to your door. Subscribers get priority with respect to product availability and delivery, should any shortages eventuate. Finally, you save 10%.

How to use your products?

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