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Things I get asked - Protein

Things I get asked - Protein

I talk to many friends, and sometimes at events about men's health and our products. These are the most common questions I get about protein. The conversation usually goes something like this,

Q. Do I need Protein?

Actually you don't if you eat a balanced diet.

The problem is most diets just aren't that balanced, and then there is the "age" factor.

If you accept muscle loss will occur over time due to conditions such as sarcopenia, would you not want as much muscle as possible before this starts? Wouldn't you also want to retain as much muscle as possible, as you age to avoid frailty and maintain mobility? Muscle & bone is where it is at. 


Are you eating less as you age to try and manage your weight?


Did you know digestive tissues get less effective as you age, and nutrients compete for absorption? So basically as a result of these and some other factors such as lifestyle, or regular fasting, your protein intake will drop, or is dropping when you need it most to retain your muscle mass?


So are you getting enough protein?

I have no idea.


Q. How much protein do I need?

Generic government health wisdom recommends 0.84g per kg body mass per day. This should increase with age and with exercise effort. I personally aim for 1.2g - 1.5g per kg body weight, per day. So in my case, 90kg  means 108g to 135g of protein per day. See our protein intake table here which also includes calorie intake.

I have one 30g scoop of Old Bull protein, which is is 28,5g (97.5%) of protein. I use this as a meal alternative at breakfast time. I have few cravings until lunch as there is no sugar and very low carbs in our protein. 

You need to do the numbers and figure out if you are getting enough. Most of my cohort now acknowledge they are undercooked when it comes to protein intake and have felt better once they start ensuring they are getting enough every day. Consider a flat white coffee has around 8g, a chicken drumstick around 12g and an apple about 0.5g. It can all add up very slowly if you are fasting or eating less to maintain weight.  

Q. Do you do a vegan protein?

No. Because Whey protein includes all the essential amino acids and is considered a complete protein. See the differences between plant and whey protein here.

Q. So how often should I use protein?

Everyday. I start the day with a protein shake and avoid eating until lunchtime. This is my breakfast so to speak. Easy, convenient, and I can drink it anywhere. But, I do this every day.

Low carbs and no sugar in a quality protein powder reduces cravings unlike a meal replacement which can cause an insulin spike, and then more depending on exercise load and other nutrition I might have a second shake in the afternoon. This is also the reason our bags are 33 scoops, 1 month odd supply.

Q. How do you take it?

In a protein shaker mixed with water. 1 scoop, 500ml odd of water, or you could use milk. Shake it up, and all about and drink.

Q. Do you mix it with milk or water?

I mix it with water to avoid the sugar and carbs in milk. But it's a personal choice and milk also brings additional protein into the mix.


Your body needs protein for a number of reasons. You can read more on the benefits of protein here. The real question is are you getting enough to meet your needs and if not, should you be considering a protein supplement.

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