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Old Bull Health is doing Podcasts. Sigh...

Old Bull Health is doing Podcasts. Sigh...

Well, you're probably tired of hearing Donny this, and Donny that, but the man does have significant wisdom and experience to share.

How better to share this than via podcast, given both of us, mainly me anyway definitely has a face for radio. Old Bull health is launching a Podcast series called 

"Jem & Donny | Short, Sharp and Fitness"

We are launching this week in fact, Wednesday after Melbourne Cup. The podcasts have been recorded; final touches being added as we speak.

Jem & Donny Short, Sharp & Fitness

Each podcast is around 10 t0 15 minutes in length and address a specific generally health related issue backed by some studies or research which we hope will help motivate, challenge or inspire you to move or to make some tweaks in your approach to health and fitness and ultimately longevity.

Everything you ever wanted to know and were too lazy to Google.

You can look forward to topics such as:

  • Is sex exercise?
  • Is coffee good for you and if so, how many exactly?
  • Is cardio or weight training better for weight loss?

Mixed in with some fascinating anecdotes from Donny and plenty of dad jokes.

Where to find them?

Podcasts will be available on all your favourite platforms when launched including Apple, Google and Spotify. Links available on


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