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According to the dictionary, a supplement is 
"Something that completes or makes an addition"

Do I need them?

Eat a well-balanced diet, live a healthy lifestyle, get some sun etc and you theoretically won't need supplements, other than if you have a specific condition that may require them.

Junk food, stress. alcohol, lack of sleep can mean that your diet is not always that balanced. The market size for vitamin and supplement manufacturing in Australia is $1,5bn per Ibisworld. The marketplace is cluttered. Hard for consumers to make sense of, but people are buying them.

Making it easier

10 reasons why ingestible powders

We insisted on powders driven by frustration with capsules, the main reasons included 

  1. Capsules harder to swallow
  2. Often caused discomfort in the stomach
  3. Multiple capsules required
  4. After taste for some
  5. Capsules often forgotten/ lost in bathroom
  6. Lower compliance with capsules
  7. Generally, required to purchase by ingredient
  8. Bulk containers often resulted in waste/ expiration
  9. Limited mixing options
  10. TO many options and noise

Powders are simple, keep them in the kitchen cupboard where you spend more time thus improving compliance through accessibility. They mix easily with water, milk or into a smoothie. Absorption is great. Deliver a mix of vitamins and minerals, a one stop so to speak which would require multiple capsules to achieve the same input.

What's in the T&I Formula

T&I standard for Testosterone & Immunity and was previously called Testosterone Plus. Our Formula is registered in the ARTG and made in the Northern beaches of Sydney before being shipped to your door via Express Post.

Vitamin D3

Also known as cholecalciferol. Vitamin D3 is naturally produced in the body and found in animal foods. 







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