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Best Protein Powder

What is the Best Protein Powder?

That is the question that started Old Bull Health.

A bunch of forty and fifty-somethings who regularly and sometimes irregularly used protein powder supplements, with no idea what they were using, or why. Isolate, Concentrate, Casein, pea protein? All the gear and no idea...

As you age, protein requirements go up, and intake goes down. You do the math.

Wondering which is the best protein?

Best Protein Considerations

What's important:

  • High percentage protein
  • Amino acid profile
  • No sugar
  • Low carbs
  • Natural, no other nasties
  • Decent taste
  • Easy to mix

What else?

  • Packaging, large hard plastic tub or pouch. Large tubs take up cupboard space and bin space and the indoor recycling tub
  • Pack size. Assuming a daily intake, enough to last at least a month
  • Scoop for serving included, and optimum in size
  • Delivery. Not carrying large containers from the store

Hidden Wants

  • Less hassle, Fewer decisions on purchase. Too many decisions often means no-decision. Pack size, protein type, protein source, additives, flavours, and the list goes on. A simple decision that works in your best interest.
  • Conveniences, such as a pack that will last a month and the ability to re-order via a subscription
  • Knowing that you are taking a product that has been thoroughly researched, that the founders themselves use. That is the best possible product they could find and optimised around middle-aged athletes to promote muscle gain, strength, and muscle retention.
  • Decent taste, easy to mix in a protein shaker or a smoothie

 What do we Recommend?

Whey protein - animal protein and thus a complete protein with all the essential amino acids (These are the ones your body cannot make). Plant proteins tend to be incomplete, or can lack sufficient levels, making them better placed as a meal replacement type supplement.

Isolate - More filtering to get a higher % protein. Concentrates tend to be around 80% protein and isolates 90%+. Old Bull protein is an isolate and is 95% protein. If you are not sure of the difference, find out more about the difference between concentrate and isolate protein

Natural flavours and sweeteners, no sugar. Pouch-type containers take up less bin space, fold them up when empty, and they are are generally recyclable. 

Taste is an individual thing. Some like it sweet, some don't. Some like chocolate, some don't. Vanilla is the most common protein flavour, with over 50% + of protein users preferring it. The alternate preference is chocolate, followed by a variety of weird and wonderful.

Sweetness levels can be masked with other additives such as green powder for immunity or coffee. If you are mixing, erring your protein choice on the side of sweet is a safe bet. When it comes to mixing into smoothies or other exotic ideas, vanilla is the most neutral and recommended flavour. Many also felt chocolate was too close to sugar and junk food to be having after exercise.

Intake. Make sure you know your daily intake, how much protein you need, and then take into consideration scoop size. Getting enough protein ensures your nitrogen balance stays positive and your muscles don't decay. If you are unsure about protein intake, ready our protein intake guide here.

Subscription. If you are active, getting active, and want to stay active, a protein powder is going to become a part of your repertoire of tools to build and maintain a fantastic body, combined with exercise of course. Subscribing is now becoming more mainstream. It arrives every month, on time and you are not left short. This approach just means less hassle and less to remember.

And here it is...

There are numerous protein benefits, especially as you get older. 

So, as old bulls who got educated in the use of protein powder, these are the criteria we used to develop Old Bull Protein.

If the above make sense, give our protein a try.


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