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NEW Stress & Cognition Formula

NEW Stress & Cognition Formula

Now we can officially say, we are looking after you, from spectacles to testicles.

Our new Stress & Cognition Formula is officially in stock, and in the Old Bull shop. It is unique in that it has claims around both stress and cognition.

We have tried to keep it simple.

Stress & Cognition Formula

We have been developing this product for some time, trying to ensure we could develop something special for our customers and not have to make them choose between memory or calm, as an example.

We also wanted to keep it simple and not use big words like "nootropics" which seems all the rage to explain what we have.

We did have a small focus group try the individual ingredients over a couple of weeks and refine them, and while we did not have a placebo group, all participants want the product now that it is available, and they have continued to email me to ask for updates. I am guessing that is a good sign.

On a personal point, I wanted something to ensure I had sufficient brain energy throughout the day, not just until 2pm, and also to help with recall, to not only remember that I needed to respond to a particular email, but also to who. I certainly intend to use this on workdays.

Our stress & cognition formula has a pleasant berry flavour, without the tang of our Testosterone & Immunity product, and mixes well with water. You can choose to mix it with milk or into your protein shake or smoothie. Whatever floats your boat.

Value wise, you might consider it expensive, but compare it to other partial solutions or try buy the ingredients separately and I am comfortable you will find it is great value. We do benchmark pricing and will publish this shortly.

You can find all the ingredients on the product page as well as warnings. We always ask that your read the label and follow the directions for use. The pack is 240g and the serving in the included scoop is 8g.

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  • Morning guys, will the womens formular be released soon, my wife is interested, cheers nick


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