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Protein Promotes Strength

Protein helps build and retain muscle mass. This is critical for men as they age, especially old bulls. Animal-based proteins are complete proteins, they include all the essential amino acids and BCAAs and higher levels thereof. Understand the types of protein available here.

Three Ways Protein Builds Muscle:

  1. Deliver amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle
  2. Release anabolic hormones which stimulate muscle growth
  3. Deliver leucine which stimulates muscle protein synthesis

Protein infographic

Protein Muscle Strength

Protein can be taken up through your diet, or through a protein supplement, such as protein powder.

Most studies use a protein supplement, or more specifically the BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) which support muscle growth, recovery and maintenance. 

When to use Protein?

Ideally when your muscles need it most, which is generally right after, or just before a workout. We know resistance training is critical as muscles age, and that BCAA supplementation, specifically leucine helps promote muscle strength and recovery. 



Give them the right nutrition before you start training or as you finish. That’s when protein is typically the most effective, and if you are using protein as a supplement, there is no competition in the stomach lining for absorption with preferences going to carbs if eaten together for example, so it hits the muscles where needed and quickly.

How much to use?

Check out our protein use table using your weight and calorie consumption as a proxy for intake after exercise. We developed this with expert input and have not found anything similar on the Internet yet.

Your total daily protein intake is the most relevant factor for muscle growth and if you are getting enough protein in your daily diet, additional protein is unlikely to help, unless your absorption of protein through the stomach lining is affected by the Splanchnic tissues as you age, meaning absorption preference is given to carbs and fats and as a result you don't get get enough protein, or as you exercise more, your muscles need additional protein support.

Also, as you age and eat less or eat less dense foods to maintain weight, thus the protein content of our nutrition reduces alongside.

While results can vary widely in individuals according to studies, there is general agreement on the benefits of protein and amino acids and the need for protein for survival and muscle maintenance. As such Old Bull invested significant time into understanding and research available protein supplements and has a protein powder as one of our core products.


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