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Protein Powder with scoop

Protein - How much do you need?

How much protein should I take? Great question....

For years I used whatever protein powder I liked the packaging of, and the scoop that was provided with the protein powder which was usually a standard size of 30g or 85ml and guess what? I took 30g.

I knew there was a vague connection between muscles needing protein and that in turn linked to body building or weight lifting. That was it.

As my understanding evolved I understood the need for protein closer to workouts and then the link to absorption and finally the need for protein and specifically leucine a key amino acid for muscle growth & maintenance as you age to help ensure you retain your muscle mass. Not only that but also to help with fat loss. 

How much protein do I need?

The amount of protein you need depends on a number of variables, ofcourse which is why its not a common topic, including size, activity, weight and body composition. Body composition is the unknown in most cases, the rest we can figure out and estimate to calculate our our daily protein needs as follows, and use the table below:

  1. Know your own weight in kg
  2. Establish the average calories a person of your age and sex burns per day.
  3. Establish the calories you burn from exercise 
  4. Add the above together to get total calories
  5.  Use the table we developed with your weight and calories consumed to determine your estimated daily protein in grams.
  6. Calculate the grams of protein you consume on average per day in your meals etc.
  7. Consider making up the shortfall with a quality protein powder
Weight:                      kg
Average calories burn per day (A)
Calories you burn from exercise (B)                      
Total calories (A+B)
Using table, protein required per day                       g
Actual protein consumption                       g
Difference or additional protein required                       g
Scoops required at 30g


I found this a useful exercise. Unless you are an elite athlete surrounded by coaches its going to be hard to get exactly right, but its a start and a guideline and more than you most likely had before.

The recommended Australian Daily Intake or RDI was used as well as some assumptions which were reviewed by our Dr Jason, so make sure you read them and as always if you aren't sure, have a kidney problem or have never used a protein supplement before, check with your doctor first. 

My protein intake

For my weight, BMR and calorie burn I was 112g of protein per day. I weigh 100kg.

On average my meals totaled around 65g of protein. Historically I was having 1 protein shake a day so would have a shortfall of 30g odd. On these heavy exercise days I would use a protein shake after each session. I do 2 sessions a day for info. I drink this with water to avoid any extra fat and sugar in a milk mix.

I find it easy to slip into old routines, so as I plan my week and exercise around my work and home life. I also plan protein intake based on how active I am that day and if I am eating at home, out etc and then prepare the shakes beforehand. Not an exact science but it works for me.


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