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Maintaining weight after weight loss

Maintaining weight after weight loss

Earlier this year I wrote a post called I lost 15 KG in 10 weeks, and did 2 podcasts on the topic. The post has been so popular I decided to write a follow-up on weight maintenance with the main point being "Have I kept the weight off?"

Short answer: YES

I lost a total of 22.9 KG from early November 2021 through to March 2022. My lowest weight was 85.9 KG and I now hover around 91-92 KG. This is all in the graph below.

But first before and after pics. I was bad at this so all I have are pics from the NSW Triathlon Club Championship taken in May 2021 and in May 2022.

It has been pointed out to me that I look much happier in 2021 and about to die in 2022, but a good friend said the pictures show the difference between participation and performance, and yes even in the rain in 2022, on a new tougher course and slippery roads in 2022, I was faster. 

Performance v Participation


Graph: Garmin Connect data 2021-2-22

Weight Loss Graph

Where do I want to be? 

Well at 92 KG I still have 23% body fat. Is that good or bad?

Body fat %

  • The average male athlete has 6-13% body fat
  • The average female athlete has 14-20% body fat

I am no athlete, and the above does vary by sport type. We recently did a podcast on this.


So, what is a healthy body fat %?

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition body fat % is based on age. No surprises there. They state them accordingly: 

  • For 20 to 39 years old, the range for men is 8% - 19%.
  • For men aged 40 to 59 years old, this is 11% - 21%.
  • Over 64 years old the male range is 13% - 24%.

The article is here. More work to do.

The American Council for Exercise or ACE has the following body fat guidelines for men:

  • Fit male 14 - 17%
  • Acceptable male 18 - 24%
  • Obese male, greater than 25%

The target I have set for myself is 18% body fat, which is the lower end of acceptable. Now to do that means the following:

  • I currently weigh say 92kg
  • My fat mass is 23%, which means I have 21.1kg of fat odd
  • So, to get to 18% body fat means dropping that fat mass to 16.5kg and a total weight of 87.4kg, a net loss of 4.6kg.

So, short answer, I have kept the weight off, but I want to lose more for Summer.

How did I keep the weight off?

I did suffer, and I worked hard to lose it in the first place. To keep it off, this is what I have been doing:

  • Eating more vegetables and less meat. Cooking whole butternuts, and eggplants in the oven, the flavours are good and there are lots of recipes around. More vegetables.

  • Avoiding beer and replacing it with red wine. I haven't been drinking less, just less beer to be clear.

  • Starting the day now with a protein shake (Including our Testosterone & Immunity Formula actually) and then try and avoid food until around lunchtime. It definitely helps reduce my cravings. You can also find Testosterone & Immunity Formula on eBay here.

  • Fasting 2 days per week, 16 hours from 8 pm the night before. It cuts out a lot of junk. Water and herbal tea are allowed. I drink black coffee as well.

  • Exercising and staying fit, even on fasting days. I am not a professional athlete so trust me it is manageable not fuelling. This includes cardio and weight training.

  • Making soups and chicken broth. Soups are a mix of vegetables with garlic and chicken stock to flavour. I have this for lunch.
    Chicken broth is pretty much the left-over chicken carcass with water in a crock pot for 24 hours. The only downside is the kids think I am cooking a roast and are unhappy to see it is the broth. They call it my potion.

  • Avoiding TV as that is an eating trigger. For me anyway.

  • Shopping online to avoid the temptation of chips and chocolates in-store. Saved some money doing this as well.

  • I roll with the mantra, "just don’t start". Once you start you cannot stop. From opening the fridge to a single peanut. As with a street fight or road rage, it is just easier not to start.

  • Avocados, sardines and olive oil. Salads. Usually for dinner. Sardines for Omega 3.

  • Avoiding carbs, rice, pasta, pizza, and bread as much as humanly possible.

  • Tried to avoid sugar as in sugar in coffee in lollies but fail regularly.

  • Weighing myself and tracking my weight and tummy circumference in cm most days but record it in a spreadsheet on Mondays.

  • Smaller portions all around. You just don't need to stuff your face. Think about how much time you are spending on the loo. 

What have I learned?

  1. So basically, to stay thin as you age, you will feel hungry a lot of the time. Deal with it.

  2. When I fall off the wagon from a nutrition perspective, I purposely try and make up the calories through exercise, generally the next day. You will, and it's OK, just be aware of it.

  3. Build discipline. Every time you want to eat a doughnut or a muffin or some other ridiculous food item you know you don't need and is a waste of money, and which is unhealthy. I think about a future event where I know I will look great being in shape. Simple but effective. The cravings pass within minutes.

  4. Find your "why". I think about where I want to be when I am older health-wise and where that additional weight will land me. The impact on my family, my finances, and my quality of life.

In conclusion

So, save some money, eat great-tasting food, and move toward healthy lighter outcomes. Make this a habit. Feel better and trust me your other half will feel better too if you know what I mean.

 Please send in your questions and I will add them and responses here if I can.

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