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Causes of Stress

Understand key stress factors that can impact our well-being. This can help you take proactive steps to manage them.



Work-related stress is significant. Factors that contribute include:

  • Workload: Heavy workloads, long hours, and unrealistic deadlines can create a sense of being overwhelmed and increase stress levels.
  • Job insecurity: Job stability, layoffs, or a competitive job market.
  • Lack of control and autonomy: Limited decision-making authority, lack of control over work processes, or micromanagement.
  • Work-life imbalance: Working excessive hours or facing inflexible work arrangements.



Financial concerns are a common source of stress. Factors contributing include:

  • High cost of living: Rising utility bills, kids, education, and healthcare expenses, can create financial strain.
  • Loan repayments: High levels of personal debt, such as mortgages, student loans, or credit card debt, can contribute to ongoing stress.
  • Income inequality: Income disparities and financial inequalities can amplify stress, particularly for individuals and families facing financial hardship.


Relationships and family


Personal relationships and family-related issues can significantly impact an individual's stress levels. Common causes of stress include:

  • Relationship conflicts: Difficulties within personal relationships, such as conflicts, communication breakdowns, or separation/ divorce, can be major stressors.
  • Parenting challenges: Balancing work and family responsibilities, managing the demands of parenting, a resulting lack of sleep or dealing with behavioural issues in children.
  • Caregiving responsibilities: Caring for aging parents, family members with chronic illnesses, or individuals with disabilities can be physically and emotionally demanding.

Health concerns


Health-related issues can be a significant cause of stress in Australia. Factors contributing to stress in this area include:

  • Chronic illness: Managing chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, or mental health disorders.
  • Healthcare access and costs: Concerns about access to quality healthcare services and the financial burden of medical expenses.
  • Pandemic impact: The COVID-19 pandemic introduced additional stressors related to health anxieties, lockdown measures, job losses, and uncertainties about the future.

Environmental factors


Environmental factors can also impact stress levels in Australia. Examples include:

  • Natural disasters: Australia is prone to natural disasters such as bushfires, floods, and droughts. The aftermath of these events can lead to significant stress and trauma.
  • Climate change: Growing concerns about climate change and its effects, including extreme weather events and environmental degradation.

Managing Stress

Managing stress effectively is crucial for maintaining overall well-being in Australia. It is proven that knowing how to manage stress can reduce stress.


    Understanding the causes of stress in Australia is essential for effectively managing stress and promoting overall health.

    By recognising unique stressors, you can take proactive steps to stress management and seek support when needed. 

    Disclaimer: The information provided by Old Bull Health in this article is for informational purposes and should not replace professional medical advice. Our content is not intended to be medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and thus reliance should not be placed on it. If you are experiencing symptoms, please consult a healthcare professional.

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