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Our Testosterone & Immunity or T&I Formula, has been specifically formulated for older men, incorporating a unique mix of vitamins and minerals to support Testosterone levels, your immunity system and more. 

Australian made, owned and listed in the ARTG

(Australian Therapeutic Goods Register)


Our product development processes are onerous and detailed. 

We don't add ingredients for the sake of adding them or because another product includes them. We try to find studies indicating the likelihood of deficiency from a poor diet and lifestyle perspective. Our aim is to make products that are useful to our target market, and which can be used safely on a daily basis. We focus is on the functions we believe are priorities for men like us, specifically aging men. Why? Because we are older men, and we conduct qual and quant research with men like us. Our products are ingestible powders that mix easily with water. Powders are absorbed in the tummy and can be conveniently stored and used in the kitchen cupboard, so no more capsules. We are TGA registered and out Testosterone & Immunity Formula is in the ARTG.


Old Bull Health develops ingestible powders. 

You can find out more about us here. See our price comparisons and benchmarking here.



How much is delivery?

Flat rate of $8.95 regardless of order or location. Pickup is available in Brookvale, Sydney.

December deliveries?

We use Express Post. Communicated timelines from our partner for December deliveries are currently:
WA - Order by 20th December

NT - Order by 16th December

All others - Order by 21 December

Who makes your products?

Products are made in a TGA certified facility in the Northern Beaches (Australia)

Are your products registerd with the TGA?

Yes. Our Testosterone & Immunity Formula is. Our Protein does not need to be as it falls under the ANZUS Food Code but is made in the same facility as the other products.

Why Subscribe?

Ensures monthly delivery to your door and helps us keep prices down and give you an additional 10% discount. Subscribers also get priority with respect to inventory availability.

Is this a meal replacement?

No, meal replacements have specific requirements laid out in the Food standards code with respect to ingredients, including sugar and carbs. You can absolutely use the mix as a meal alternative but nothing beats a balanced diet.

What is Testosterone Plus?

The same product as our Tesoterone & Immunity Formula, we changed the name earlier this year.

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