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Testosterone Plus

Supporting Testosterone and Immunity Health

Powder for for easy mixing, with protein, into smoothies or just with water for rapid absorption.

Includes Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin C and more. Try buy these separately in capsules and pay more. 

1 month supply, only $1.67 per day

Lean Protein

We searched and researched the best protein for Old Bulls.

High in Leucine to maintain muscle mass, neutral vanilla, Cysteine and Lysine to reduce cravings. Mixes easily with water or milk, and easy on the gut. 

97.5% protein, No sugar, Low carbs and No nasties.

As you age your protein needs increase. Start your day right! 

Meal Alternatives

Fitter Stronger Meal Alternative package will save you the most

(30 serves for $3.16 per day. Less than a coffee)

Check out the range of Fitter Stronger Packages designed to support Old Bull muscle mass maintenance/ gain and weight. Save even more with a 3 month package to get you on the right track.  

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